A Daunting Introduction during Office Orientations

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Orientation is an interesting read but brings up serious moral questions when it comes to personal privacy in the work place. The premise of the story involves the narrator walking the reader through an office orientation. Typically, work orientation involves introducing new employees to work practices and co-workers. It is an opportunity for company to put its best foot forward, while helping set the work pace and lifestyle for new employees. However, in “Orientation,” Daniel Orozco takes a serious detour from the normal route and takes the reader on a dark tour through the personal lives of his or her co-workers. Although office romances, inappropriate work practices, and violations of personal privacy often happen in the real world, it is hardly acceptable in today’s society to openly talk about it. From the beginning of the story we are introduced informally to the narrator, who states, “That’s my cubicle there, and this is your cubicle” (50). This introduction never establishes who exactly the narrator is, a definitive relationship to the reader, or the narrator’s gender. However, due the story being told in second person, we can easily establish that his or her story is meant to be directed at the reader. I believe Orozco used second person because it is a very effective way to impact the readers’ emotions and human response. Several of the situations he put me in made me question similar situations I have experienced in the work place. In addition, the informality

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