A Day That Will Forever Be Ingrained On The Hearts Of The American People

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Madisen Mitts

Ms. Davis

College Prep 1

31 March 2017

Nine Eleven

September 11, 2001. This is a day that will forever be ingrained on the hearts of the American people. The Twin Towers, icons of New York City, were struck by two recreational airplanes that morning as a terrorist attack on America. Later, the Pentagon was also attacked by a plane and another plane crashed in a field in Pennsylvania. Three thousand people perished in all of the attacks combined and many had not been found (History). The first plane had struck the eightieth floor of the building and trapped the people in the higher floors in the building. At 10:30, the towers collapsed and killed the people who had not been able to escape the building yet. …show more content…

The towers were engulfed in flames and smoke billowed out and cast a cover of smog and ash over the city. The entire attack was televised and the crash of the second plane into the south tower was watched by the entire country at 9:03 am (CNN) .“We were watching it on the TV and then we heard the explosion”, Pat said. The rest of the country was watching everything religiously, looking for any news on loved ones or any information as to what was happening. The news was on all day, everyday replaying the planes hitting the buildings and the collapse of the buildings. At 9:43 am, the third plane had crashed into the Pentagon, right into the wing Pat was supposed to be in for his meeting (CNN). “We went outside and all we could see was smoke rolling up”, Pat said as he remembered the sight of the crash. It looked like a scene from a nightmare. Flames shot out of the demolished building, screams of people that was echoed across the city, and smoke rolled across the sky like a thunderstorm.

No one had seen the attacks coming, nor expected anything like this could happen. It was unprecedented in America. America was too strong and too secure for people to expect something like this to happen, so the attack left the majority of people in shock and fear. For Pat, the attacks were a threat to the country he had fought so hard to protect. Pat said, “I went into military mode after it happened and I was ready to do whatever I needed to do”. Pat

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