A Day in the Life: The Decision that Changed Everything

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A Day in the Life
The Decision that Changed Everything
By Toni Marie
Post University March 2013

There is one night I will never forget, one decision I will always regret, and a lesson being learned every day; and it all started on a beautiful August evening in the summer of ’99. It was just cooling off from the sun beaming down on us all day, but it was perfect for the outdoor bonfire; birthday; end of summer party that the five of us headed to. The five consisted of myself, my best friend (still a good friend), our boyfriends (at the time), and a friend of our boyfriends (more of an acquaintance to me). At least sixty people were at the party and it wasn’t long before fights broke out. Shortly after everyone
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First thing I see is my mom’s face. I can tell right away that she has been crying. “Are you feeling ok?” she asked me “Be careful because you are badly hurt.” I didn’t feel hurt, but when I looked up at what I was connected to I realized I wouldn’t, I was on a morphine drip so I wouldn’t feel much of anything. Suddenly I realized that I couldn’t feel my right arm. It was still attached but there was no feeling, no movement. A dark cloud set over me, I became very emotional. I wasn’t given a concrete reason for the paralysis except that it was nerve damage and the nerves were not severed. This led the doctors to believe that I would have mobility and feeling in one to three years with physical therapy.
The first year after the accident was the hardest year I have ever been through. Physically I was in new territory. I had to learn even the simplest of things over, from writing with my left hand, dressing myself and driving; to the more complicated things like doing my hair, using feminine products and, tying my shoes. You never realize how much you need something until it’s no longer available. Emotionally I was a mess. My goal of becoming a choreographer was now just a dream, I felt like I was a different person and some of the people that I thought were my friends no longer seemed to come around. I was depressed and I only felt worse when I couldn’t do something. I’d burst into tears because I
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