A Description Of Fleeing

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On July 20, 2017, at approximately 1507 hours, I responded to 1605 N John Young Parkway in reference to assisting Sgt. J. Ciola in making contact with Brandon Hiroshi Joseph (suspect). On July 19, 2017 at approximately 1545 hours, Sgt. J. Ciola attempted to conduct on a traffic stop on Brandon on Bill Beck Blvd, when he fled from him (see Sgt. J Ciola full report). Based on the aforementioned information Sgt. J. Ciola provided to me, Brandon was placed under arrest for Fleeing to elude with wanton disregard for the safety of the public under F.S.S. 316.1935(3)(a). Sgt. J. Ciola report is as follows: "On 07-19-2017 at about 1545 hours, while sitting at the red light on East Vine Street at Michigan Avenue, I observed a blue motorcycle …show more content…

I turned left, as I was in the turn lane and immediately made a U-Turn back to US 192 and then went east on US 192, I never activated my emergency equipment during this second encounter. It should be known that I am issued and was driving a black Chevy Tahoe with Caution K9 and Osceola County Sheriffs Office reflective markings on each side. The vehicle is equipped with red and blue emergency lights and a siren. A FCIC/NCIC and local Spillman check of the Florida tag of MDHH23, reveals that it is registered to a blue 2007 Yamaha Motorcycle. The registered owner is Brandon H. Joseph. A local check of this registered owner reveals a booking photo of Mr. Joseph. The booking photo resembles the male that looked directly at me with the visor on his helmet up that fled on the motorcycle. Based on my observations, the driver violated 316.209(3) twice, when he drove on the white dotted line passing stopped vehicle on both sides of him and 316.1935(3)(a) Fleeing to elude with wanton disregard for the safety of the public. On 03-20-2017, at approximately 1415 hours, I was at 1605 N. John Young Parkway (State Probation) awaiting Mr. Brandon H. Josephs arrival. I observed Mr. Josephs drive up on his motorcycle, the same motorcycle that fled from me and he looked identical to the subject that fled from me on 07-19-2017. I made contact with Mr. Joseph inside his probation officer office. I started to converse with Mr. Joseph about his

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