A Descriptive Essay : The Man

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The Man The green grass has nothing on his beautiful, emerald eyes. The soft smiles he gives me in the hallways light up the world. A face like heaven, but with a jawline so sharp it could cut your fingers. The way his muscles tense when I rub his arms after a long, sweaty day of baseball is like holding a bowling ball. Messing with his fluffy hair is like cotton candy I could tear into everyday. The noises he makes are so crazy they become comforting. His smell is very unique, just like a cozy house on a winter day. A mammoth’s heart is non comparable to how big of a heart he has for the ones he loves. I get a delightful tingly sensation when his manly, but modulated voice speaks to me on the phone at night. No Channing Tatum can compare how handsome he looks in my eyes. The flirtation winks he gives me while walking to the dugout when he sees me looking at him. When I look at him I see a beautiful person inside and out. The way he laughs, you'd think we were at a comedy show. Hearing him laugh until he's crying is the best feeling you get in your body that just brightens your day and all you can do is just stare and admire him. The warm, soft hugs he gives is like laying in a freshly made bed after everything has been washed. His eyes dilate every time he looks at me and you can just see the happiness in his eyes. When he holds my hand in stores it's like having my own personal guardian angel taking me towards the right way in life. He cares so much about what I want

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