A Dog 's Best Friend

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A man’s best friend is a common phrase coined for the dog. The decision to bring an animal into a home is equally as difficult as a child might be. People acquire dogs in various types of ways including humane societies, rescue shelters, licensed breeders, or pet stores, but there is a secret many do not know when buying a new family pet: large-scale dog factories. Puppy mills have evolved into undercover agencies pushing out animals while developing inhumane practices, hiding strategies, money seeking ideas, and long-term effects that leave animal owners confused and outraged. September is Puppy Mill Awareness month, and news continues to come out about these businesses and their practices. A puppy mill is commercially …show more content…

With such insufficient room allowed by the USDA for the dogs, owners can stack cages or pack dogs into buildings adding up to, in some cases, over one-thousand dogs. With an unproportional caretaker-to-dog ratio, dogs are left uncared for which leads to many of the common puppy mill diseases and issues (National Puppy Mill Project). On October 18, 2015 Minnesota-based Secondhand Hounds Rescue rescued eleven bulldogs, from a puppy mill. All the rescued dogs were placed in temporary foster homes to prepare them for adoption and the neglected animals were learning new things such as stairs and what treats are (Slavik). Like this story suggests, many dogs are overlooked in the care and love they receive because their owners only worry about the profit that a female dog’s offspring can provide. With very little regulation placed on companion animals, nearly ten-thousand puppy mills still exist in the United States today and only three-thousand are estimated to be licensed and regulated through the USDA. Puppy mills are able to surpass many rules and buyer concerns through middlemen operations. Many mills have a middleman to buy their produce and ship the puppies to pet stores around the US. This process allows pet stores to display the distributor 's name, while keeping the original birthplace of the dog and any questions that may arise unknown (National Puppy Mill Project). Besides a middleman between mill and store, a pet selling business

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