Gender Gap In Sport

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Should there be a gender gap in sport? Gender inequality is becoming a worldwide problem as sports is now becoming a career. Women don’t get the same amount of opportunities, media attention, or pay as men causing the community, specifically feminists, to get aggravated about the unfairness. But is this gender gap reasonable due to the differences between male and female? In this report, women and men’s different treatment, physical abilities and reason behind the gender gap will be discussed. This situation is important because it will influence gender imbalance and chances in sport, and we are living in a world that is beginning to advertise gender equity. There is an obvious gender inequality that’s shown to the public. For example, most basketball camps in China are participated by boys. This immediately makes it seem like girls aren’t supposed to play or join basketball camp because the majority of players are boys. Therefore, boys are overall privileged in sports when it comes to simply signing up. Why aren’t girls taking part of a basketball camp? Is it because they’re simply not interested, or does the world think they’re not good enough? Statistics say that 1/3 of women play sport, but only 1/5 manage sport at national level in New Zealand. Most people who coach sport teams are men. Men believe that their way of thinking and management are better than women’s. Women do coach differently and their logic is often unrecognized or not popular because the way men

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