Sexism In Sports Essay

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Not long ago I went to my Parkway South Hockey game and prepared to play like I have for the past four years. This game was no different. I knew that I would be harrassed by the other team the same way i have been since freshman year. At this point i dread going to games because of the comments the opposing team and their fan section yells at me. I've learned to deal with it because of the love i have for my sport, but it still is painful to hear in 2017.

The discrimination and stereotyping of women playing certain types of sports has become a problem much larger than anyone would think. Sexism in sports is a minoritized mindset throughout the world; even though women are practicing the exact same thing as men, they are still seen as a lesser player based on their gender. Sexsim is spreading like an epidemic to countries around the world, killing many dreams of young women in the world of sports especially.
According to the organization, Women in Sport, “Only 43% of girls say they have the same choice as boys at school in sport and exercise; and amongst secondary school-age children, being ‘sporty’ is still widely seen as a masculine trait.” Girls are given the perception that it's not okay to be “sporty” because it's a male trait. More than a single sport (hockey) has inequality between genders. There are statistics in this research that proves that girls playing sports is looked down on. This causes a female athlete to think negatively about herself and the choices in
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