A Driverless Car: An Unsophisticated Solution

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A driverless car, also known as a self-driving car is an autonomous car which can perform the actions of the human being, as if a man were driving a traditional car. Some can say that the car is independent of the human as the car only needs to be programmed with the destination. The mechanical part of the vehicle is held by the car its own. Moreover, to function, the car has some specific technology, for example laser, radar, GPS and computer vision. Among the main obstacles to widespread adoption of self-driving vehicles, in addition to the technological challenges, are disputes concerning liability; the time period needed to turn an existing stock of vehicles from non-driverless to driverless; resistance by individuals to lose control of…show more content…
The difficulties to self-driving cars remain significant. Costs need to come down and regulations need to be clarified around certain self-driving car features before the vehicles fully take off among mainstream consumers. The self-driving car is an unsophisticated solution to the problem of vehicle safety, but a smart one to the issue of data mining. Self-driving cars will likely be operated most frequently, safely and efficiently within Urban settings or within major City limits. To minimize the most hazardous vehicle travel operating variables the entire in-City roads-transportation system may eventually have to be fully integrated with some form a general One potential solution to clearly identifying the cause for a self-driving car’s future accident is to continuously and thoroughly record the vehicle’s operating performance data prior to the accident. That way when an accident does occur all the operating data and control actions will be recorded-saved and available to help identify the primary cause. “If another vehicle was involved the sensor/camera would record its unsafe entry into the self-driving car’s path or the other vehicle colliding with the self-driving car before the control system could feasibly react” (Mott). If the accident was caused by the self-driving computer-control system malfunction then the operating alarm/error data would be recorded. And, if the accident was caused by the self-driving car’s backup driver’s failure to take over manual operation as needed, this data would also be
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