A Dying Love In Thomas Hardy's Neutral Tones

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A Dying Love in Thomas Hardy’s “Neutral Tones” Love is a strange emotion and can make a person feel ten feet high or a low as a snail. When most people write about love it is full of life and color; however, Thomas Hardy writes of death in his experience with love in his poem, “Neutral Tones.” It is a dramatic monologue poem written in the 1800s and is in first person. The title of the poem clearly points out the neutrality of a colorless failing love. In addition, the poem focuses on describing the events of how the couple ends the relationship and of how it is beyond repair. The lines of the poem gently explain what it is like for the author to experience such a dying love. It is effectively written in a way that the reader can feel the hurt and pain as Hardy explains the sorrow and bitterness as the lovers end the relationship. In “Neutral Tones,” Thomas Hardy uses setting, imagery, and symbolism to illustrate the death of love in his poem. The poem begins with the author setting the scene standing with his lover in the winter season. In the first line of the poem Hardy says, “We stood by a pond that winter day” (1). This is an important clue to prepare the reader that the poem is going to be about Hardy’s relationship. Hardy goes on to say in the third and fourth line, “And a few leaves lay on the starving sod; /-They had fallen from an ash, and were gray” (3-4). In these lines, Hardy uses the words starving, ash and fallen leaves. These are dramatic words used to

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