A Family 's Economic Deprivation Most Dominant Factor Of A Child 's Health

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This article subjects two main research questions. First, how is a family’s economic deprivation influential to children? And second, how does timing and duration of family economic deprivation impact the development of children? Key Research Findings: The article states that family income is the most dominant factor of a child’s cognitive development out of all other conventional measures such as ethnicity, female headship or maternal education. However income and economic status only has a faint connection and cannot be considered as synonyms. Moreover the duration and timing of economic deprivation has a strong correlation between the potential detriments on children’s development. Conversely, an increase in income cannot guarantee improved developmental outcome of the children. The outcomes of their research experiment showed that children in persistently poor families have a lower IQ as well as worse behavior problems than children who have never experienced poverty. Article 2: Key Research questions: The main questions this article explores are: what are the measures of poverty and how does being “poor” determine children’s health and exposure to developmental input, as well as different experiences of poverty. Key Research Findings: The ideal measurement of poverty should be composed of two basic categories: “public acceptability and statistical defensibility” (Aber, 1997). It states that economically deprived families have an immense difference in resources

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