The Impact Of Poverty In The Bean Trees

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Families all over the world experience struggles such as poverty that could lead to depression, but if you have the perseverance like Taylor in “The Bean Trees,” you can successfully survive in society. Taylor deals with some of the worst situations a person could have thrown at them, but she manages to deal with these issues, while providing for herself and her child. Many families all over America experience poverty, and the ones who are most affected are the children.

The impact of poverty on families can affect a child's growth and development. “Poverty and the Effects on parents and Children,” Nagel states, “Families in poverty, when parents are working, are influenced by the kind of occupations in which the parents work. Kohn has found that lower-class parents look at their children's behavior with a focus on its immediate consequences and its external characteristics, whereas middle-class parents explore their children's motives and the attitudes expressed by their behavior.” Growing up with negative and disciplinary parents, it can impact a child's moral and emotional growth through life. Children grow up by the examples and actions of their progenitor, and if they have meager parents then they may grow up to be just like them. “Another study conducted by the U.S. Department of Education found that for every year a child spends in poverty, there is the chance that the child will fall behind grade level by age 18.” Pupils that live in poverty that don't get

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