A First Generation Salvadoran American Student 's Pursues Higher Education

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Adelmo Alvarado
Professor Mazumdar
May 10, 2016
Assignment #3: Interview Summary
Role of Acculturation Acculturation can determine whether a first generation Salvadoran American student’s pursues higher education. As new immigrants immersed in the American culture, they have to adapt or comprehend the culture acceptable “behavior, values, language, and customs” in order to educational succeed (McCallister 2015). Moreover, California is a diverse state that first generation students come across a dilemma of longer period of time to dominate the native language. For instance, Lucy grew up in Central California, in a small Hispanic enclave. As a result, Lucy was exposed to Spanish conversations at home and in the community, except in the school. School provided Lucy the opportunity to apply the immersion technique:
School was the only place where I was able to have English conversations with my professors and sometimes with my friends. Even though some friends would speak Spanish, I would reiterate speaking English. College has been a new experience because all my friends speak English all the time. I feel that I have been improved in maintaining English conversations better (Interview, Lucy, May 7, 2016).
Moreover, Lucy acknowledged that American’s traditions such as the English music, Thanksgiving Day, Santa Claus, and Halloween. However, she says that her family celebrates American’s tradition combine with Salvadoran’s traditions.
Instead of baseball, we watched…
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