A Formal Testing Strategy Is Crucial For Achieving Success With Mobile App Testing

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A formal testing strategy is crucial for achieving success with mobile app testing. The information above will definitely guide you in understanding the key focus points of this strategy, but here’s a closer look at the steps you should take.

Narrow down the devices the app will use

Mobile devices present the most obvious challenge to mobile testing. There are countless devices out there consumers could use to access your app and ensuring your app works on all of them can be difficult.

Even though your app might run on a single platform (such as iOS or Android), the number of devices will still be high for guaranteeing specific device testing. This is especially the case with Android operating systems. Remember that there are different versions of an operating system and you should decide which operating system versions the app is supposed to work on.

In order to handle the device challenge, you can consider using one of the three strategies:

• Only test using real devices
• Only test using emulated devices
• Using a combination of the above

As we’ve mentioned before, you want the emphasis to be on real devices and manual testing. It would be a good idea to focus first on some of the main devices in your category. For example, find out the most sold and used mobile devices that use Android, check which operating system version is currently popular and begin testing. For the devices, which are not as popular, you can use emulated devices as the main testing method.…

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