A Framework For A Gsmsmart Energy Management Meter System

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A Framework for a GSMSmart Energy Management Meter System for Effective Measurement, Management and Communication of Power and its Data in a Developing Grid
Energy measurement and management are amongst the major grid challenges and research efforts have been geared towards addressing them. The emergence of smart meters in consonance with the smart grid concept is as a result of these efforts. This paper explores the integration of Energy Management and Control System (EMCS) technologies into smart meters to mitigate energy wastages and ensure energy accountability. The integrated system presented in this paper leverages on the GSM technology to provides a tripod communication between the meter, utility and the consumers. Results from the system prototype show that the system offers the consumer the opportunity to make personal energy budgets in line with the energy conservation, provides more consumption details than the traditional meters and provides for the utility a better management platform of the consumer component of the grid.
Keywords: energy, consumption, measurement, management, metering
I Introduction
The electric grid is a large interconnection of both generation and transmission electrical subsystems usually managed by utilities to facilitate efficient distribution of electricity to consumers and businesses [1]. Providing adequate, reliable and sustainable energy has always been the focus as well as a perennial challenge for utilities. This challenge

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