A Free Enterprise, The Most Important Part Of Business

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“In a free Enterprise, the community is not just another stakeholder in business, but is, in fact, the very purpose of its existence.” – Jamshetji Tata
The above statement has been instrumental in triggering my aspirations to become an Entrepreneur. It states that society should be treated the most important part of business to create highest value to mankind. One thing about Real Estate profession that fascinated me is the transformational aspects of what it can do to a piece of land. It is all about how wisely and effectively a group of individuals working together can convert an acre of wasteland into a sustainable neighbourhood.
During my BBA in London, in a subject called project management, I learned about how much emphases were
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Moreover, the fast growing economy because of the rising manufacturing sector and service sector such as IT and banking sectors are expected to add to the demand for Commercial real estate.
The above factors collectively dragged my attention to real estate development. Unfortunately I do not possess a formal education of developing a building structure. However, my passion for it helped me to study from the resources that could be available to me. I learnt about how to put together a building and the number stakeholders that are involved in accomplishing a building by refereeing various project reports and videos that are available on the internet. My BBA degree established the fundamentals of project management, strategy building, finance, etc that are essential skills for a real estate developer. On the other hand my experience in Human resource department in two major IT companies made me a master in man management, team building at complex level. Thus, my personal experiences shaped into my professional aspirations; thus, started my first real-estate development Entrepreneurial venture in December, 2013 called, TG Realty. I single handedly established the firm right from scratch and set up all department initially. I recruited a team
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