A Generation Of The Workplace

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A Generation Lost In the Workplace
Denise Gelina
Columbia College
A Generation Lost In the Workplace
The workplace is ever changing. There are currently four generations in the work environment today, and because of longer life expectancies it will soon by five as the youngest generation enters the workforce joining the current four. Generational transitions in the work environment cause the shift of power to be handed from one generation to the next. These transitions are complex but they have never bypassed a generation. Today 's workplace is overlooking an entire generation, that generation is Generation X. Current power holders, Boomers, are bypassing Generation X and handing the reins to Millennials. Failing to utilize Generation X is a mistake, and managers can maximize employees my utilizing this overlooked sector of the workforce.
The oldest generation in the workforce is the Greatest Generation or also known as Traditionalist (born prior to 1946) (“Mixing and Managing Four Generations of Employees-FDU”). They came of age during the great depression, the start of the cold war to be “seen and not heard” (MU Extension). Believing in a work ethic of loyalty, tenure, and quietly working hard gets rewarded. While some are still employed full, and it seems will never retire, many have handed off the reins to Baby Boomers.
Baby Boomers (born 1946-1964) (“Mixing and Managing Four Generations of Employees-FDU”). Boomers

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