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I believe that all four of the generations in the work place can work together without having any conflicts. Many professional facilities and companies have people of different age groups working together in the same field. There are many articles written by different people who say that studies show that there are many conflicts between the generations, while working together. The four different types of generations are the veterans, the baby boomers, the generation X, and the generation Y. I will talk of all their important characteristics and compare and contrast their qualities based on work ethics, education, and multi-tasking.
First of all, “the oldest generation in the work place is the veterans”. (Tanner, 2011) They were born
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(Tanner, 2011) One very important quality is that they are loyal to their career before their employer. In order to work well with the baby boomers “show them how they can be organizational star, provide them with developmental opportunities, and involve them in operational matters”. (Tanner, 2011) Most of all, whether you are a veteran or any other generation, it is absolutely important to be respectful of your peers and co-workers and patience is your best friend. “The third generation in the work place is the generation X”. (Tanner, 2011) They were born somewhere between the 1960’s and the 1980’s. They are sometimes called “Post-Boomers, Twenty-something’s, Xers, and Slackers”. (Tanner, 2011) The Xers are known to be “independent, self-sufficient, and skeptical”. (Tanner, 2011) “They value diversity, work/life balance, technology, and informality”. (Tanner, 2011) They also “view all work as just a job”. (Tanner, 2011) To work well with them it is important to partner them with co-workers that they respect. Also, do not have high expectations. Remember they have a balanced between their life and their job. They will not give a 100% to their job. Another thing is that they do not like to have people watching over their shoulder all day, so give them some space. “The last

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