A Guide For Financial Planning

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This workbook is a guide for financial planning that anyone can use for his or her own lives. David Bach gives ten steps and coaches the reader as they work towards planning for the future and “living richer”.

In Step 1 of the Finish Rich Workbook, Bach encourages us to evaluate what we know about our financial lives. By going through a few questions and checklists, Bach helps us to discover what our genuine values about money are, which makes us realize our perceptions about money and our spending habits. Through that, we can then be able to concentrate our energy and time on what matters most to us. Through these quizzes that he provides, we get a good grasp of what we know and do not know about our finances. This first step is good as it helps us cover the basics of financial planning by learning more about how we value money because that would affect the steps after.

In Step 2, we learn to discover our net worth by learning how to organize and manage our finances. By listing our assets and liabilities, we can keep track of these financial documents, which would then make it easier for us to do financial planning. Learning how to keep our finances organized is crucial so that you can keep track of the important documents and other outdated documents that can be thrown away. Sometimes organizing our financial documents can be tedious and take up a lot of time, Bach tells us of a few ways to simplify it by doing it all online or through a program designed to keep track

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