A Healthy Constitution And Food For Thought

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In the essays, A Healthy Constitution and Food for Thought (and for Credit), the authors deliberate the troubles in today’s society with over processed and unhealthy foods. A Healthy Constitution reminds us of the economics classes that were taught several years ago and the many opportunities it provided to learn about home-cooked and fresh meals instead of driving through a drive-thru to order a processed cheeseburger. The essay Food for Thought (and for Credit) is also based in a school setting and allows us to realize the importance of a modern day cooking class. Without these classes that provide knowledge about healthy food, America is eating fast and unhealthy. Growing up I was never placed in a home economics class because our school did not offer one. I never had the privilege of learning to cook through an educated instructor and fast food was always easier anyways. If the class was offered at school, I honestly do not know if I would take it because in 2014 I was more worried about what common core classes I needed instead of learning how to cook. In the essay Food for Thought (and for Cause), Jennifer Grossman stated that the home economics class was known as Wife Ed 101, and one of the stereotypes that came along with the class were that only women took it. I agree with Grossman because I believe that most males that I went to high school and middle school with would never sign up for a home economics class due to the fact that it could potentially take away
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