A Hospice Nurse Reflection Paper

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In the last few months, I have been blessed with the opportunity of working as a hospice nurse delivering the utmost care to those who are terminally ill with weeks to hours to live. Working here I have found myself filled with many emotions of sadness, anger, love, compassion, empathy, happiness, and the list goes on. My goal and mission is to deliver the core values of AR Hospice and bring compassion that will allow my patients to die with ease, peacefulness, and freedom. I have learned to love and appreciate what this job has encircled me with. This profession has taught me to appreciate every moment in life and love those today who are dear to you. Just recently a coworker stopped me, pulled me into a room and said, “Don’t wait till I’m at my funeral, to hand me flowers,” (meaning to show appreciation now and not at my funeral). I looked in disarray. She wanted to show her appreciation to me, acknowledging how great of a nurse I was to our patients and families and how I show true compassion. On an evening in July, I had the opportunity to take care of Mrs. X who was minimally responsive the time she made it to my unit. She had been battling an illness for years and it had begun to take her to her final destination. Mrs. X was transferred from an ICU unit where her liver had begun to fail, her abdomen was tight, distended and filled with fluid; her skin and sclera was jaundice and it was evident that her kidney was failing too. Mrs. X had a loving large family and a

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