A Hunting Trip with Friends in "Hunters in the Snow" by Tobias Wolff

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"Hunters in the Snow" by Tobias Wolff is about three friends-Tub,Kenny, and Frank-who have arranged to go hunting which is something that they do on a regular basis. Kenny taunts Tub about him being overweight and Frank about his affair with a 15 year old girl. Throughout the entire day of the hunting trip, Kenny was taunting the two men. A series of events takes place on the hunting trip which makes it noticeable that their problems are much deeper than just one day of hunting, Kenny taunts and bullies the men on a more regular basis than just this one day of hunting which leads up to the men letting Kenny die in the back of the truck. Kenny showed that he does not care about the men or their surroundings during the peak of the story when he shoots the dog in the head. When Tub asks him why he did that he replies "He was just barking". (Pg.170) Kenny says that Tub will be next to be shot as he continues to just shoot anything in sight. Kenny than turns to Tub and says that he hates him while pointing the gun at him. Tub doesn't want to be shot and killed like the dog so he takes matters into his own hands and shoots Kenny first. Once Tub shoots Kenny he goes into a moment of regret thinking what did he just do? Asking Kenny if he is okay, saying that they need to call a ambulance, saying almost that he will "rat" himself out in order to make sure that Kenny is okay. Tub does care what Kenny and Frank think of him which makes him the most sensitive of the three men.

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