A Interview For The Cross Cultural Interaction Report

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To learn from another that is not like you, that is from another country, gives you the opportunity to acquire knowledge that opens your eyes and lets you better understand the world around you. That can definitely be said after conducting my interview for the Cross-Cultural Interaction Report. I had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing Blanchefort Djimsa, a Food Science major, who is from the country of Chad which is located in Central Africa. Blanchefort is from the city of Moundou, the third largest city, which is in the South of Chad. Here on scholarship, he is attending Oklahoma State University to further his education. Blanchefort told me about his country and gave me a different perspective about Chad. From the Saharan desert in the North, to the savannah plains in the central region, to the more fertile soil and rivers that feed into Lake Chad in the Southwest, Chad is the fifth largest country in Africa. According to the World Fact Book “the country is comparatively slightly 3 times the size of California”. With two seasons, the rainy season from late April to September (depending on the length of the rainy season which can vary), and the summer season for the rest of the year, Chad is home to around 11.5 million people. With a growing population the country has mostly a younger generation. With almost half the population being under 18 years of age. The majority of the population is girls/women. Women also have a higher life expectancy then men living to
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