A Interview On My Life Event

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Together with the challenges that come along with each stage of life, there is also an opportunity to embrace the beauty of life, and change. The participants of this interview were willing volunteers, and were provided with full disclosure. The first subject is a 31 year old female. She is married; they have one child, who is a 19 month old female. The participant is presently a stay at home mother, however, prior to childbirth she was employed full time and has an associates’ degree. When asked about a typical life event, she without hesitation said the birth of her child. She felt that was a typical life event, because she always wanted children, and friends her age were having children. A non-typical event was an incident when she slammed her pinky in the car door and broke her finger. She considered that as a non-typical event partially because that is usually not the sort of thing that happens to her, additionally, she felt it wasn’t a common occurrence for most other people. When asked what aging means to her, her response was primarily concerned with becoming physically older. It was interesting to hear her response regarding where she felt she was in the aging process. She felt it depended greatly upon who she was around at that moment. In conclusion, she shared that she views getting older as terrifying. She is fearful of what will happen to her physically, as her body ages. The next participant was a 55 year old male. He is a married father of 4
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