A Interview On The Teenage Years Are A Complicated Time For Anyone

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The teenage years are a complicated time for anyone, but what if you were also dealing with an intimate secret that you couldn’t share with anyone? Coming out of the closet is the process of accepting an alternate sexual orientation and sharing that enlightenment with those close to you. Some people experience fear, pain, and frustration during this difficult time; others find the time less difficult. To get a better understanding of this process, I conducted a series of in-depth interviews with some friends about their rite of passage. Because this experience is different for everyone, the in-depth interview seemed like a suitable approach. Open-ended questions leave room for the personal nature of the topic that a survey would fail to capture. For this study, I interviewed four men, ranging in age from 42 to 49 years old. The interview was made up of ten questions; some simple, others designed for detailed responses. Four of the men defined their sexual orientations as homosexual, while Mr. Brown preferred the term queer. When asked how old they were when they first suspected they were gay, the answers became more varied. Two of the men recognized their attraction to men during early childhood. Mr. Blonde responded that, “It was probably around 7 or 8 when I started noticing that men were catching my eye; and it wasn’t even really a conscious thing, it just was. The sky is blue, this shirtless man is interesting and my eyes will linger there for a while.” Two others

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