A Interview With The Entrepreneur

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Report: From the meeting with the entrepreneur Jane Lu, I found that being an entrepreneur is not an easy task. The person has to face a lot of toil and hardship. Within an entrepreneur, there is a need of perseverance, confidence, passion and communication skills in order to achieve the goal. This holds true for a small business like a departmental store. In my opinion, an entrepreneur is a risk taker, as he knows despite receiving no as the reply to some questions he has to encounter certain obstacles. The amasing quality that I have noticed while carrying out my interview was the entrepreneur’s commitment and dedication to success. The strong commitment and dedication to success has helped him to surpass all the failures and learning from them. The interview with the entrepreneur has encouraged me to form a network of philanthropist and entrepreneurs that would help me in gaining more skills and knowledge in the fashion industry. A successful entrepreneur can only be possible when a person takes up a job in which he has a perfect zeal. In my interview with Jane Lu, I found that she has an intense passion for designer clothes and dresses right from her childhood. This passion helped her to turn her dream into reality. I feel that the passion if taken seriously could help the entrepreneur find success in business. There are many cases where the business has failed due to lack of motivation and encouragement from others. Through the interview, I understood that planning
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