A Issue in too Many Homes, Domestic Violence

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Domestic violence has been an issue that has affected men, women, children, and elderly worldwide. In some countries, laws are fighting to prevent this injustice; while in other countries, government has been condoning this violent behavior. How countries can tolerate this barbaric behavior is beyond understanding, but this issue should be breached with absolute fervor, because the violence these innocent people face is not only perverse, but in some cases heinous.
Women and even men have been victims of domestic abuse. The first laws regarding domestic violence goes back to 753 BC in Rome by the emperor, Romulus. Now this law wasn’t any common law, it actually allowed men to beat their wives instead of preventing it. This was called the “Rule of Thumb” which meant that men could beat their wives with a rod or stick of any length, but could be no wider than their thumb. This ‘rule’ didn’t govern for too long, by the end of the Punic Wars women were given plenty of rights including: owning land and suing abusive husband. However things took a turn for the worst, in 300 AD when under the rule of emperor Constantine, the church reinstated a patriarchal society where men could be beat their wives without consequence. As an example of this renewed society Constantine burned his wife because she was of no use to him. In the 1500’s rape was legal within the marriage. An English jurist by the name of Lord Hale, stated that rape within marriage was permitted; he stated that women

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