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The uncertainty of where the burden of responsibility begins and ends within the consumer and manufacturer relationship has continued to fuel many moral controversies. In a free enterprise system, where government regulation is limited, it is critical to examine this issue as billions of transactions are occurring daily and in some extreme cases become deadly. An instance of this can be illustrated in the Ford Explorer Rollover lawsuit. Although there have been several theories to explain this complex relationship, the Due Care theory is the most superior. I will begin by analysing the Ford Explorer case with the Due Care theory and identify where the manufacturers violated their duties. I will than explain why manufacturers…show more content…
In each of these areas, according to the due care view, the manufacturer, in virtue of a greater knowledge, has a duty to take whatever steps are necessary to ensure the product leaves the plant as safe as possible, and the consumer has a right to such an assurance(180). Recently, Ford Motors has been under scrutiny for their poor production of the Ford Explorer. Because of their disregard from 1991 to 1999, 1142 people have died and thousands more have been injured. Convicted of negligence by a Federal Court Lawsuit, Ford knowingly produced and continued to reproduce an automobile with several safety defects. During the design, production and informative stages Ford did not take the necessary precautions a reasonable person could have foreseen in order to prevent harm to their consumers. First of all, when designing a product Due Care theory states that the product's manufacturer should ascertain if the product conceals any dangers, whether it incorporates all feasible safety devices, and whether it uses materials that are adequate for the propose it is intended to serve (181). Ford failed to comply with all aspects of the Due Care manufacturing process. For instance, despite negative consumer reports and poor safety ratings with the Ford Bronco the Ford Explorer was designed with the same handling and stability defects. The
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