A Lesson Plan for a Wife to Heal Her Husband's Wound Essay

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This is a teaching plan which includes clear goals and objectives. In addition with outcomes and objectives, it also covers methods of instructions, time allotted, resources, and methods for the evaluation of instructions. The details, time, and methods of teaching are designed based on the content and my learner’s capabilities. The wife of my patient who has a college degree and can read and understand Englsh well.
The Purpose of Plan I plan to provide information needed for a 24 year old female wife whose husband just has suffered a debridment of a diabetic ulcer on his right foot. After learning the signs and symptoms of wound infection, and steps of dressing change, the wife can take care of her husband wound after discharging home …show more content…

Other three objectives need 3 minutes for each so that the wife will know signs and symptoms of infection as well as collect right materials for dressing change process. Since the wound needs to be packed and this is the first time the wife has ever done this job; she needs time to adjust her emotion and coordinate her hands in the dressing change. The wife has a college degree, can speak, read, and understand English well; therefore, learning and recognize signs and symtoms of infection do not cause her any trouble. Moreover, she can select the material just in three minutes.
What Resources would I Use to Teaching This Objective? I use written handout and video materials for teaching signs and symtoms of wound infection. In order for the wife chooses the right materials, I add equipments such as sponge, empty syringe, 4x4 gauzes, packing gauzes, triple antibiotic solution, sterile water, and paper tapes. The patient will be used as human model for teaching dressing change.
Method of Evaluation The method of evaluation should match the type and complexity of learning that is to be achieved. Evaluation methods must measure the desired learning outcomes to determine if and to what extent the learner achieved the expectation for learning (Bastable, 2013). I use questions and answers to evaluate whether the wife can list and recognize correctly signs and symptoms of wound infection. I use observation of return demonstration to measure the correctness of choosing

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