Essay on A Life with Multiple Sclerosis

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Multiple Sclerosis Can you close your eyes and imagine yourself having attacks of numbness, balance problems, and impaired vision for the rest of your life? About 2.3 million people live with the symptoms that are caused by Multiple Sclerosis, more commonly known as MS (National MS Society). There are many other symptoms of MS, as well as ways to diagnose and treat the disease. Although there aren’t any specific tests to diagnose MS, there are tests to show certain signs of MS, as well as tests to rule out other diseases. Normally, a physician will ask about past medical conditions, surgical operations, and substance abuse before proceeding with any tests. (Multiple Sclerosis Foundation). There are also neurological examinations …show more content…

Muscle weakness, vision problems, and bladder and bowel problems are all symptoms that are most likely induced by lesions in the motor nerve tracts (MS Focus). Vision problems are also one of the earliest symptoms due to the onset of MS (MedicineNet). Some people may experience blurred patches of vision, while others may encounter color desaturation (MedicineNet). Affecting about eight in ten people, the most common symptom of MS is fatigue, causing muscle weakness, tiredness, or slowed thinking (WebMD). “Some people with MS say they can feel tired even after a good night’s sleep,” as stated by WebMD.

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Despite the fact that there isn’t a certain treatment or cure for MS, there are treatments for the many symptoms that are prompted by MS attacks. An attack of MS is caused by the swelling of the central nervous system which leads to deterioration of the myelin, and can be treated by a high dosage of corticosteroids to lessen the inflammation (National MS Society). Tremors caused by MS can be treated by the insertion of an electrode into the specific part of the brain that is causing the tremor, called deep brain stimulation (WebMD). The electrode is then left in the brain and is connected by a wire to a device that is inserted under the skin that sends out

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