A Long Distance Relationship Is A Thought That Makes Most Couples Cringe

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A long distance relationship is a thought that makes most couples cringe. The thought of being miles upon miles away is something that can make people question the strength of their relationship. However, this trend of long distance is something that is becoming more and more common with the advancement of technology such as video chatting sources like Facetime or Skype. This trend is something I’ve personally noticed many college students, especially freshmen, experiencing. They have their high school sweetheart that is suddenly moving miles away to another college. They do not know how to handle it but, of course, they try and make it work. I am much like all these people except I never had the experience of living close to my significant other. We’ve always been miles apart, seven hundred and seventy-eight to be exact. And even though it has its hard times, it always seems worth it when we’re together. I am by no means an expert, but I am hoping that through my experiences, I can inspire someone to try and make it work. What I’ve figured out is how important communication is. It is so important to communicate everything. If something he or she does makes you uncomfortable, let him know. If he says the sweetest thing in the world to you and it makes your heart melt, let him know. By keeping things bottled up in your head, its just going to make you frustrated, upset, and most likely, hurt. Long distance relationships are so complicated. There is no set formula to them.

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