A Long Term Care Regulatory Guidelines

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Governance means overseeing of an organization. Leadership means getting others to do what is needed done. Integration means to bring together, giving equal opportunity. Long term care system on historical trends in the 20th century there was pressure from an industrial society to establish a long-term care facility to care for the industrial workers aging.
These workers didn’t make enough to have a retirement fund so the old age, so long-term care facilities were created, just like today a lot of people don’t have the means for an old age retirement fund. Financial management in long-term care is the facility administrators, financial officers, accountants and bookkeepers also the government officials, accountants, lawyers and bankers. These are the individual that keeps the financial areas of a long-term care facility to keep going. Long-term care regulatory guidelines in most facilities there are regulations that are required in order to participate in Medicare and Medicaid programs.
The nursing home where my grandmother is, also for rehab patients as wells as long-term care. The relationship between the governing and the administration is the governing means overseeing so in governing you would be overseeing the nursing home administration staff and all the working of the facilities. The leader or the head of the facilities is the head of the facility, one that nursing home running correctly. It’s like the CEO of a company.
There can be an administration, but there
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