Filipino Culture Essay

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A look into Filipino culture
Filipino culture is a mix of east and western perspectives and is heavily rooted in Christianity. The diversity of its people coupled with their ability to adapt and tolerate new ideas has created a fusion of traditional and modern. Filipinos pride themselves in their Sociability, religious belief, and Family oriented lifestyle.
Social Aspects Filipino culture focuses heavily on social interaction and although many Filipinos are aware of western social norms and are tolerant of social miscues that would be rather damaging in other conservative cultures. Although there are many western aspects to Filipino social behaviors it is in many respects entirely different. For example teasing is a viable and acceptable form of social interaction and is used in many aspects to draw attention to a serious issue without shaming the involved parties. In addition, direct eye contact with a Filipino is discouraged as it implies aggression and malevolence. Employer relations with their employees is considered a very important topic. It is important to indulge employees or any underlings you may have with kindness and respect such behavior is highly esteemed. Any rude behaviors to such individuals is considered arrogance and will earn you poor marks with any community or organization you may work with.
The Philippines is unique in comparison with its neighbors. Hundreds of years of Spanish Colonization and American free enterprise has left the country

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