My Experience At The Annual Filipino Harvest Dinner On The Eastern Side Of Washington State Essay

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Choosing This Experience

Growing up in the lower valley on the Eastern side of Washington State, there is a melting pot of cultures. A misconception about the eastern side of Washington is said to not having a multitude of cultures but from working with the public, I have fortunately had the opportunity to work with many different cultures. I grew up in Toppenish, Washington which is 7-minute drive from where my cultural experience took place. In the fall, there are fewer events that take place around the valley and I have been to many events for other cultures. The culture in which I thought I would love to learn more about is the Filipino culture. I have many Filipino acquaintances that are regulars at my place of work I was invited to go to the 64th Annual Filipino Harvest Dinner on October 23, 2016 in Wapato, Washington. I was very excited for this opportunity to learn more about the Filipino culture and apply what I have learned into nursing practice. Many times, we forget about all of the different cultures around us and by taking a step back and learning about different cultures our spectrum of patient population care be expanded.
Learning Experiences from the Filipino Culture When I first arrived at the Filipino Hall, I was really nervous to go in. I have my own fear of going into new places so I took this opportunity to embrace my fear and I also knew I was going to meet some friends inside. When I went into the hall, it was decorated beautifully with bright

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