A Midsummer Night's Dream By Staging Shakespeare

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I grew in English by becoming more of a leader. I think the Staging Shakespeare project really helped me thrive as a leadership figure. This is because in certain points of the work, I felt the need to take charge so my group could work better together. In doing this, I've began to feel more comfortable being a leader. I think having leadership qualities is beneficial to a person because if they need to lead a group in a variety of situations, it's always good to be prepared. Another way I grew in English this semester is by beginning to enjoy Shakespeare's writing more. Before, I simply appreciated his genius as a writer, but found it difficult to really take pleasure in reading his works. While reading A Midsummer Night's Dream, the content was so captivating that I began to love the language it was written in. To me, the play was so enthralling, that I forgot that it was written in a very different way than most books I read are written. Now, I associate Shakespeare less with school assignments and a confusing language, and more with fun and exciting to read literature.…show more content…
They are still very much developing, and I want to continue improving them throughout my life. In this class, we only wrote one essay, so I think with more practice comes stronger writing. I heard in English 1: Novel/Short Story there's a lot of essays/writing, so I think that's one way I can refine my writing skills. Another way I can improve my writing skills is by putting in the effort to revise it a bit more than just reading through it once to check for really noticeable spelling and grammar errors. By revising my own work, I can realize what aspect of writing I'm having the most trouble with, and work from
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