A Midsummer Night's Dream

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Love, before we can talk about it we must define it; then we can dissect it and reference it. Love is defined in the dictionary as an intense feeling of deep affection. Throughout several of Shakespeare’s plays he speaks about love. It is a common theme throughout Shakespeare’s plays, both comedies and tragedies, and we can see that Shakespeare is infatuated with love. Shakespeare and I, though poles apart, raised in different times, places, and even of different genders have one thing in common; we both seem to be hopeless romantics. In Shakespeare’s plays love seems like a very obtainable reality, love conquers all if you believe in it and fight for it. This seems to go against societal structure in a time where marriages were arranged…show more content…
The couple has to overcome this problem to get what they want. Love plays a significant part in human life, these characters were made to show how love influences them, how they live and become better for it. To me it seems as though Shakespeare truly believes in love but not love without flaws. It seems as though the flaws themselves can make love stronger or break love. It is hard to imagine that someone could write so many stories and plays without a real definition of love or even without inspiration. Richard II and Richard III both have pros and cons, but more cons than pros. When Shakespeare wrote about these two kings it seems that in his mind his was writing about the negative effects and attributes about being a king. King Richard II was an immature, adolescent acting, irresponsible, neglectful king to say the least. As time and time again Richard the second proves his incompetence, for instance, when Bolingbroke and Mowbray are in a disagreement, and point fingers about the death of Bolingbroke’s Uncle. They get so angry they throw down their hats to suggest they want to duel. The king asks them to settle dispute, but they continue to bicker and so King Richard sets a time and place for this duel to give the illusion that he is in control when he clearly is not and just as they are about to duel, the king, to show his power, then exiles them both and they beg him not to exile them but to no
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