A Muscle Relaxant

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Introduction: A muscle relaxant is a pharmacologic aid use to alleviate tense muscles. It can be obtained as an over the counter drug or medication that requires a doctor’s prescription. I will be presenting the value of muscle relaxant to overstimulated muscles with a neurologic involvement such as spasticity, and how it can help mitigate and revive the person ability to recapitulate his capability to perform his/her activities of daily living. Spasticity is described as an abnormal muscle tone that is velocity-dependent, and it is usually correlated with an upper motor neuron lesion with an association of hyperactive deep tendon reflexes (Nair & Marsden, 2014, p. 1). There are numerous neurologic diseases that exhibit…show more content…
It helped lessen her lower extremity spasticity and made her walking less effortful. Unfortunately, she did not tolerate the medication due to the side effects of the drugs such as lightheadedness, muscle weakness, and dizziness. For this reason, she stops taking the drug, and her lower extremity stiffness worsened not to mention, gait unsteadiness. She went to the to the hospital due to the adverse effects of oral baclofen; the neurologist considered switching her to an intrathecal baclofen pump treatment. Though, the dosage is yet to be determined after the acute care physical therapist performs a pre and post spasticity grading. I had received the consult and this writer immediately performed a neurologic evaluation including a spasticity assessment. The Tardieu spasticity scale was used. Haugh, Padyan, & Johnson (2006, p. 900) suggested that Tardieu is more accurate compared to modified Ashworth scale since the former evaluates and analyzes the response of the muscle to passive movement at both slow and fast…show more content…
An interesting study of Orsnes, Sorensen, Larsen, & Ravnborg, (2000, p. 247) stated that baclofen has minimal effect on gait improvements compared to placebo; these patients only received an adequate dose of the drug that will yield no side effects. The component of the gait that demonstrated a minimal change is a vertical unsteadiness. The researchers have attributed this change to the influence of baclofen on the knee extensors and ankle dorsiflexion at the final part of swing phase. Since this study has a small sample size, and patients did not receive the maximum dose to achieve a good result, further study in a larger group sample with different variations of dosage may have made this study demonstrate effectiveness in MS gait
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