A Myday Morning : A Sunday Morning

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A Sunday Morning On Saturday January 31st 2015, it was very cold and rainy. We were having a birthday party for my daughter Azlynn. My grandma, Ida. Was able to visit from the nursing home. She had a stroke and it caused her to be paralyzed on the life side of her body. So she couldn’t care for herself like she use to. During the party, I notice she was sleeping in her wheelchair. When she suddenly yelled out for someone to put her on the sofa. I begin to get worried because she was always calm and quiet. I assisted her to the brown sofa. Which sat right in the middle of my living room. She immediately fell right back asleep. I was talking to my mom explaining to her that grandma was not acting herself. I started to ask “what is wrong with grandma today? She isn’t acting herself”? “It’s cause she just took her medicine, it is probably making her drowsy”. “Are you sure”? “Yes, Sarah I’m sure”. Grandma had slept through the party. That was okay because I knew she was exhausted. So, azlynn started to smash her vanilla cake with pink butter whipped icing. She had it all in her hair, on her face, and none of it in her mouth. That was the only time my grandma was awake at the party. She cheered Azlynn on while she smashed her cake. Grandma’s face was priceless. A Sunday Morning Cramp Pg 2 My uncle Robert took her back to the nursing home about eight p.m. that night. I was working at the same nursing home my grandma was in. I was a CNA at the time, working night shift. We

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