A Narrative Essay On Mayan Parker

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One day, a teenage girl named Callie Parker was in the middle of eating lunch with her family when her mother poured the last drop of water into her handcrafted mug. “Callie, do me a favour and go fetch me some water.” Without hesitation, Callie buckled up her riding boots and headed out the door towards the stable. That is where she kept her horse, Moon.
This large black mare’s eyes glistened in the sunlight as Callie tacked her up and hopped on. They rode out to the well, which was placed in the middle of a sandy field. Halfway there, Callie was becoming so hot that she had to take off her plaid shirt and tie it around her waist, leaving her in just a white tank top. She couldn’t even imagine how hot her black mare must be.
When she finally got to the
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Her parents were standing outside in panic as they desperately searched for Callie’s little sister, Maya. Without hesitation, Callie darted into the flaming barnyard in search for her sister.
After she broke down the door, she noticed that the fire had spread due to the hay in the surrounding stables. In the very corner of the barn, she saw her sister crying. When she tried to get to her, a piece of wood from the roof fell, trapping Maya. Callie had an idea.
She ran outside of the barn, grabbed the two buckets of water off of Moon, and raced back into the barn. There, she dumped the buckets of water on the flaming piece of wood that was trapping Maya, and her little sister was able to squeeze through. They ran out of the barn. Just then, the police and fireman had arrived. They put out the barn fire just before it reached the house.
Later, the police interviewed her parents and they said that bandits had robbed them and lit the barn on fire. Their resources were damaged and the water was lost, so Callie went to the well to fetch more. When she came back, the family ate dinner and then snuggled into bed. Thankfully, that night, the house was
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