A Nation Of Immigrants

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What Does It Mean to Be “A Nation of Immigrants”? We first addressed this question in the beginning of the semester and I answered this question a little bit differently than I would now. In my first essay regarding this question I said that being a nation of immigrants meant that as a nation we are a people from many different backgrounds that live together with different cultures and customs and we tolerate each other’s presence despite looking different from each other. This mindset has shaped the laws that are passed and have changed how we exercise our rights in the United States. I think that as a whole tolerance is one of America’s traits as a country. Although it is not clear in every instance, there are people that do not accept everyone’s difference, but they have the humanity to tolerate these differences. I still believe that America is a nation of immigrants and the numbers prove that. There are millions and millions of people residing within our borders from Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, and even more from countries overseas. If we care about changing where our nation is headed then we must also care about our immigrants since they make up a large number of our population. In America, we have a lot of people are ready for change. I learned this from this from the deliberative dialogues throughout the semester. Before coming to this class I did not have any particular view or knowledge of immigrations, but after the first couple dialogues I realized that there

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