A New Baby Changes Everything

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Narrative Essay As I lie there I remember the motion of my heart going “thump thump”, I remember the anxiousness that filled the room. I laid thinking that it felt like just yesterday I was outside riding my tricycle and now as of February 2012 my life would change from being any normal young adult to a young lady with a lot more responsibilities. The tears, and the joy took part in my mixed feelings and I just could not wait to see what the next step in life would be for me. Not many women can say that they have lived through that very special moment of childbearing or even labor, but I can tell you that seven months later I could not be anymore happier then I already am. March 2011 I met a man in a clinic who sat my fiancé, Corbin,…show more content…
the decision I made or trade her for anything in the

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