A New Mandate For Human Resources

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Is Human Resources important? Should it be done away with altogether? Dr. Dave Ulrich gives his take on the topic in his article, “A New Mandate for Human Resources,” in the Harvard Business Review. This topic is up for debate because of the widespread variance in differing opinions on the matter. HR is the department of a business or organization that deals with the hiring, administration, and training of personnel. In this paper, I plan to summarize and critique Ulrich’s “A New Mandate for Human Resources” for young business majors or those interested in reading this article.
Ulrich begins the article by questioning if HR is important and should it be eliminated. He feels that it should be abolished as it is, but revised into a more helpful …show more content…

Dr. Ulrich goes on to support the need for HR in today’s business world. He feels that there are 5 critical challenges that businesses face: Globalization, profitability through growth, technology, intellectual capital, and change (Ulrich 126). Conversely, these things do not matter on a competitive scale. All businesses need these things to survive, but they can be attained and copied. The only competitive weapon left is organization (Ulrich 127). That is where Ulrich believes HR plays its most vital role. The differences between the leading businesses in their respective markets is their organization. Top-tier businesses are run efficiently with good HR relations. For businesses to take the next step towards maximizing their operations, they must change the culture surrounding HR and train their HR teams to become sufficient in promoting higher employee morale. Ulrich is convinced that senior operating managers must value the “soft” matters, define and hold HR accountable for its results, invest in innovative practices, and upgrade HR professionals (Ulrich …show more content…

Ulrich did well in writing this article However, I was not a fan of this piece. To begin, the topic was not interesting and nothing within the article showed its importance. An important part of writing is to “leave out all irrelevant information” (Salih). Obviously, HR is a necessary part of any firm or corporation, but Ulrich did not display any specific statistics or instances where HR deficiencies had a resounding effect on the overall performance of a company. Also, including those things in this article would’ve made the piece more interesting and just a better read altogether. Secondly, the organization of this article was off. While reading this article I consistently found myself lost within Ulrich’s sub-points. With each argument he made, there was substantial information explaining the point he was making. This information made the article hard to follow and seemed like fluff in some instances. Despite these shortcomings, there is valuable information within the article. Organization is the biggest weapon in competition and I agree that HR is a component of it. Also, the value assigned to these components of business should be higher. Additionally, Ulrich included some graphs and charts in the text that gave it a more appealing look. This article has lots of important information on the changing landscape of business and what it takes to sustain success. I just don’t feel that it is directly tied to the subject of human

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