A New Path For The Generation After Me

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As a young mother my main goal has always being to build a future for both me and my son. My main concerned is to offer my son Mateo both social and economical stability. As a daughter of parents who didn 't attend college my duty is not to only make my son proud but most importantly both my parents. A career in Rutgers will not only help me achieve my personal goals but most importantly; I will be investing in my family’s future. It is my obligation to create a new path for the generation after me. I was born in Barranquilla Colombia, a country where the opportunities to succeed are scattered. My parents decided to move to the United States to give me and sisters a better future and for that I owned it to myself to do what I came to this country for, succeed. Moreover, now the I’m a mother I have to be my sons prime example and show him the importance of obtaining higher education. Rutgers university to me signifies a step closer to achieving my main career goal which is becoming a manger at a private practice in the healthcare field. Becoming a student at Rutgers also means that many of my sacrifices have been all worth it and they are finally paying off. Working towards a my main career goal has been a long a road full of stepping stones and sacrifices. Once I put a step in Rutgers most of all my personal and career goals will be fulfilled. As a young girl I never felt like I was good enough and that transpired to my school work, it wasn 't until I started my

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