The Importance Of Pursuing My Goals At Union County College

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Union County College and I haven’t had much experience in retrospect, nor was i very knowledged of its services and academic offerings. My expectations of how my goals would be viewed were progressively high. Despite the presumption that a common county college wouldn’t grant me the success i wanted, I took my chances with Union County College, applied and waited for my expectations to slowly fail me. This essay will illustrate an idea of how Union County College gave me an astonishing preview of how i could and would effectively reach my goals in becoming a Nurse.

Many of my surrounding opinions established a base comprehension of the fact that most students’ experiences during the first year in a county college indirectly influences their future view of how they’ll succeed. This tend to either motivate or decline their determination of procceding with their education. This idea drastically build a fear in me as i noticed that my first year will determine my motivational aspect in education. Union County college and it’s outstanding services broke down those fears in relation to the fact that i did not have to struggle that hard to reach my goals.
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This goals pertained to my ground expectations of where i wished to be upon graduation. And with the knowledge that Ucc would grant me that opportunity eased my heart as well as limited those opinionated facts of off
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