A New Planning Format Into A Nursery Setting Essay

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In this task the introduction of a new planning format into a nursery setting will be discussed. The impact on teachers, staff, pupils and parents will be critically analysed and suggestions for improvements made.
The private day nursery is situated on the outskirts of a Staffordshire market town, surrounded by countryside. This 77 place day nursery caters for 117 children of 0 to 8 years of age, including those with special educational needs, disabilities and those who have English as an additional language. There are 25 nursery practitioners within the setting with qualifications ranging from level two to level five and with one Qualified Teacher Status. Thirteen members of staff are part time, doing various hours throughout the week. The Nursery was re-registered in 2003 and is managed by a partnership (Ofsted, 2014).
The Rationale for the new planning within the private day nursery is that it enables staff to carry out observations throughout four months rather than the previous three. This allocates more time for children to focus on an area of learning. Jarvis et al (2008) positions that the EYFS Medium term plans (Appendix 1) are based on a topic.
Planning should be flexible and used as a guide (Early Years Matters, 2016). The EYFS 2012 was a flexible guide due to it being non-statutory, however, the EYFS 2014 is now a statutory framework for practitioners to follow and providing planned opportunities for children’s needs and interests (DfE, 2014). With the

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