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TDA 3.2 Schools as Organisations

1. Know the structure of education from early years to post compulsory education.

1.1 Summarise entitlement & provision for early year’s education.

Every child who on the term commencing after their 3rd Birthday is entitled to a free part time place in early years education. This was formed as part of the Every Child Matters agenda. From 0-5 years the framework of learning, development & care forms the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), which follows the following principles: • Good relationships will give children emotional security. • Provision needs to be inclusive & reflect/meet the needs of all children irrespective of their background or ability. • Providers work closely
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There are also schools, which are not funded by the local authority and include:

City Technology Colleges & Academies – These are secondary schools funded & monitored by the Department of Education. Academies can also accept funding from private sources. Our current government are looking to expand the academy scheme by encouraging schools to convert to academy status.

Independent Schools – These are funded by the fees paid by the parents & income from gifts / charitable endowments. Most have charitable status which means that they can claim tax exemption. They also do not have to follow the national curriculum & the head teacher & governors decide on their admission policy. Approx. 2300 independent schools in the uk. They do however to register with the Department of Education so that they can be monitored, although they may not be monitored by Ofsted but the ISI (independent school inspectorate).

All state funded schools are regularly inspected by Ofsted & they publish reports on the quality of education provided by the schools. Special measures can be put into place for those schools that do not achieve the required standard.

1.3 Explain the post 16 options for young people & adults.

Traditional in th UK you stayed in education until you were 16 years old, then after this age they had many options to choose from regarding their future whether they stayed in education or started employment. Unfortunately in today’s current
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