Understanding Playwork Principles Task C Essay

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1.Briefly explain why it is important that the team work together when supporting children and young people’s play. (3 marks)
The team needs to be aware of all the children situations, to all work in the same direction and provide a common and strong support or pace of action. Moreover, through observing kid’s needs, the team can share what they have spotted and thereafter set the play setting according to their needs, likes and dislikes. At the same time, the team is responsible to act collaboratively to keep the space safe and “organised” for the kids to enjoy fully of their time to play and take the most of it, for the same reason the team needs to be ready to respond, trigger and challenge to children’s cues.

2.Briefly explain
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- Check we are fulfilling health and safety policies and risk assessment appropriately, keep them up to date and modify them whenever it is necessary.
Setting a plan covering the five areas of development (SPICE) as the setting allows us and responding to children’s requests according to their ages, ensuring we are supporting and covering their needs as well as offering equal opportunities, taking into account:
- Health and safety and risk assessments
- The display of the resources respecting different areas of play (relax corner, building games, reading corner, art table, dolls, fancy dresses, tents,....)
- The kids have access to all resources, eliminating (reducing) all possible barriers that may prevent any of them to enjoy of their self- directed freely chosen play.

4. Explain the importance of balancing the needs and rights of individual children and young people with the needs and rights of others. (3 marks)
Every kid and person must be respected and protected as an individual with his/her own specific needs and characteristics, who at the same time will be socialising with other individuals and their needs and personalities. Thus, when all being together we have to ensure that we are supporting them as individuals as the same time we offer them a comfortable environment to develop their socialising skills

5. Explain three ways playworkers can have an impact on the play

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