A Note on the Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster

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The accident was because of a flawed Soviet reactor design, severe mistakes by the plant operators, and direct result of Cold War isolation. As the resultant steam explosion and fires emitted radioactive reactor core into the downwind and the Earth's atmosphere, the accident was also attributed to the lack of any safety culture. The Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster was a unique event because it's the only accident in commercial nuclear power history in which radiation-related losses took place. Nonetheless, the design of the reactor is exceptional and the disaster of minimal relevance to other elements of the nuclear industry.
Background on the Disaster: The Chernobyl Nuclear Power plant consisted of four nuclear reactors with each of them capable of producing 1 gigawatt of electric power. During the time when the disaster took place, these four reactors were producing approximately 10 percent of the electricity used in Ukraine. The construction of this power plant started in the 1970s with the first reactor commissioned in 1977 and the fourth in 1983. At the time when the disaster happened, the other two nuclear reactors were still under construction (West par, 4). In April 1986, the operating crew planned to evaluate whether the turbines of the fourth reactor could produce adequate energy to maintain the running of the coolant…
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