A Nurse For A Long Time

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I have wanted to do be a nurse for a long time. I had my life all planned out that I wanted to come here to BYU Idaho and get my BSN in nursing. I started taking anatomy and chemistry classes though, and starting realizing they were not something I was genuinely interested in. I held onto my nursing major though for two and a half semesters hoping I’d learn to enjoy them more. I also started making preparations to apply for the nursing program, and nothing seemed to be working out. This semester I finally admitted to myself that nursing wasn’t for me. I’ve been researching and searching out new majors this semester. I considered paramedicine, communications, and physical therapy. Still none of those felt right. I’ve always been fascinated with psychology, but kept pushing it to the back of my head because of how much extra school it required. The thought of studying psychology kept nagging at me though, and finally I decided to switch my major to Psychology.
I went in to Brother Eric Gee’s office, which is the department chair of psychology, to talk to him about my idea of switching my major over to Psychology. Speaking to him really confirmed to me that this really is something that I want to do. I was able to ask him questions that pertained to a future with a psychology degree.
He told me that psychology is a wonderful thing to go into. There is such a need for them in so many different areas. He told me that as a psychology major each person must choose an Emphasis.
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