`` A One Hour Long Film Produced By Media Education Foundation And Directed By Sut Jhally, Tough Guise

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A one-hour long film produced by Media Education Foundation and directed by Sut Jhally, Tough Guise is a documentary released in 1999. The film features Jackson Katz - an anti-violence educator, filmmaker and author – who, as the title of the film itself implies, speaks about representations of violence and hypermasculinity prevalent in our social media, and how this affects our society as a whole.
The film starts with the narrator, Jackson Katz, underlining the extreme notion of masculinity that is presented in our everyday lives. Contrary to popular beliefs, masculinity is a projection that is put up by men and not a fixed state of being. The ‘tough guise’, defined by Katz as “the front that so many men put up that 's based on the extreme notions of masculinity that emphasizes toughness and physical strength and gaining the respect and admiration of others through violence or the implicit threat of it”, becomes the main issue that affects people who identify as male. When Katz brought up the meaning of a man, the film intercuts to scenes of interviewed teenagers who used words like ‘tough’, ‘independent’, ‘muscular’, ‘strong’, and ‘powerful’ to describe their ideas of a man. When asked to describe a man who does not conform to these standards, the teenagers used words like ‘wuss’, ‘sissy’, ‘weak’, ‘bitch’, and ‘fag’ instead. This scene truly underlines the widespread binary gender roles that are seen as common and universal among adolescents. In a sense, this influential

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